We have a wide scope of multipurpose services that can be adapted to your needs.
As a tools and application supplier, we provide ASP services to those companies that do not want to acquire or develop their own tools for on-line training. The flexibility of our services permit accommodating any type of contracting terms: rental on our servers, fees for registered system users, etc.
This service is addressed to companies with traditional training programs as well as companies that want to adapt and integrate their training programs and resources to an Internet/Intranet environment. These services do not only include technical aspects, but also the possibility of providing methodology and teaching services to enhance the use of these contents in Internet.
The existing Internet band width limitations for contents that include many graphics, audio, video, simulations, etc. make it necessary to use training tools such as the CD-Rom or DVD. In Mundiformación, we can create any type of CBT (Computer Based Training).
Intranet is rapidly becoming the repository for company know-how. It is an internal communication tool and where corporate information generally resides. The development of an Intranet not only implies the selection and integration of certain contents: (business plans, rules, processes and corporate information, etc), but also a management and control system for these contents, with personalized information regarding its use, the creation of specific resources for communication (forums, chats, communities) and training.
Developing websites exclusively for training purposes is one of our service offerings for companies specializing in training, as well as for all types of organizations in general. For a dedicated training website to be considered as a reference point for private as well as community users, it not only needs to have an optimum training program management system, but also a wide range of information and communication services. comunidades.