Fill out the form with your personal and company data if you would like to access an online product demo.

Once we have verified the data, we will send you a password at the secretary profile level (top system level) so that you can begin to use the product. Other user profiles accepted by the system can also have access.

Mundiformación, S.L., owner of the Mundiformación e-learning platform, will provide you with a temporary license to use the product for 15 days as of the moment we issue the password. After this period of time, we will cancel access to the system by all the customer related profiles, as well as the contents therein developed. Mundiformación, S.L. cannot be held responsible for loss of any personal or company data or information as a result of license cancellation. To access the system, the temporary license conditions must be read and accepted.

We recommend accessing the DEMO02 course which contains a description of the platform functionalities, user profiles and communication tools.